Other Produce

Fresh Vegetables

Take your pick from our fresh seasonal vegetables, all attractively displayed ready for you to select your own.  Fresh seasonal fruit is also often available.


Our fresh eggs are displayed in trays for you to select your own, in sizes Large and Extra Large.   Free Range eggs are available packed in boxes of 6.  Occasionally we have duck eggs, when they are available.


We have great flavoured mature Vintage Cheddar Cheese available, cut and wrapped in a variety of sizes for you to choose from.

Local Honey

Supplied from several local beekeepers, local honey is a very popular product – never staying long on our shelves.  Eating local honey is said to be a great way to ward against hay fever.  This is not always available.

Curry Sauces

Authentic, restaurant quality curry sauces from Madhuban Honey Garden are always available in a variety of flavours.   Together with our boneless chicken breasts they are ideal for a quick and delicious meal.

Condiments, Chutneys & Sauces

To compliment your choice of meat or cooked pies, we stock a large selection of condiments, chutneys and sauces.  Also available are flavoured stuffing’s, meat flavourings and sauces, together with some packet sauces.

Jams, Marmalades and Lemon Curds

We also stock a small selection of sweet products.  Delicious high quality jams, marmalades and lemon curds are very popular, as well as the range of diabetic jams and marmalades.