Cooked Pies

In our farm kitchen, we make a wide range of our own savoury pastry products.  Originally just producing pork pies, the kitchen range has increased over the years to include our very popular puff pastry steak pies and a large choice of savoury goods to take home, ready to eat or for the oven.  All our savoury pies are made using our own high quality meats as sold in the farm shop.

Our range of ready to eat pies include:

• Pork Pie  (pork meat & seasoning)
• Picnic Pie  (chicken, ham, leeks & white sauce)
• Gala Pie  (pork pie with a whole egg in the centre)
• Sliced Chicken & Ham Pie  (layers of chicken, ham and stuffing)

Ready cooked – for you to eat as they are or reheat at home:

• Savoury Sausagemeat Rolls   (sausagemeat, onion, peppers, & mushroom)
• Quiche   (plain / mushroom & peppers / cheese, onion, mushroom, peppers & tomato)
• Chicken Pie   (chicken, onion, mixed veg & white sauce)
• Savoury Mince Pie   (beef mince, onion, carrots & gravy)


Cook at home products:

• Steak & Onion Pie – puff pastry 
• Steak & Kidney Pie – puff pastry
• Steak & Mushroom Pie – puff pastry
• Chicken & Mushroom Pie – shortcrust pastry

• Smoked Ham & Chicken Pie – puff pastry

• Cottage Pie
• Lasagne
• Sausage Rolls

We are happy to make any of our kitchen products in your own dishes – so if you are having a party or friends for lunch or dinner – why not cheat and let us do all the work – no one will ever know !

Why not try some of our home cooked pies – they are delicious – we are sure you will be delighted with the taste.